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About Cyprus articles
Cyprus, a dreamy, loving, passionate, romantic island with breath taking views and quality living; an island with an outstanding cultural heritage and history that old customs and traditions are still kept alive. A very important issue is the steady growth of the economy and the low crime rate of the island. Thousands of tourists come every year to enjoy the vivid beaches and the fresh breezes in the area, the mountain and forests of the island. Many of the tourists come back to Cyprus for holiday or for residency. Cypriots and residents in general have a high reputation for their hospitality, kindness and generosity to foreigners. A provision with high standards of m... [read more]
Travel the island almost anywhere in Cyprus and you will come across old villages with traditional architecture where the traditions themselves have changed little over the centuries. Psematismenos Village is one of them. There is no better or more direct way to experience the life of the countryside, with its folk customs, traditional cuisine, wholesome hospitality and strong in heritage of archaeological importance than Psematismenos village. Buying property in Cyprus in traditional villages of geographic and archaeological importance is considered the greater investment opportunity. ... [read more]
January 17.1 February 18.2 March 20.4 April 23.2 May 27.7 June 30.0 July 32.4 August 32.8 September 31.1 October 28.3 November 23.5 December 18.9 ... [read more]
Traffic moves on the LEFT hand-side of the road. Left hand-side International road traffic signs are in use. The drive wheel is located on the right hand side of the car. Four lane motorways connect the capital, Nicosia/Lefkosia with the coastal towns of Limassol/Lemesos, Larnaka and Pafos. Fairly good surfaced roads complying with international traffic requirements link the towns and villages. Driving licence: one can drive in Cyprus using a valid international driving licence or his/her national driving licence, provided it is valid for the vehicle thay wish to drive. To issue a Cyprus driving licence costs Eur 59.91 for a lifetime. ... [read more]
On Cyprus' entry to the euro area on January 1st, 2008 the euro will become the Republic's monetary unit. Thus the currency will be issued within the framework of the Eurosystem. In July 2007 Cyprus pound was locked with the Euro at the rate of 0.585274. This translation rate is used for all transactions between 1st September 2007 to 31st December 2007. All catalogues and price lists during this period present double prices (ie in both Cyprus and Eur). The notes are: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 Coins: 2, 1, 50cent, 20cent, 10cent, 5cent, 2cent, 1cent ... [read more]
The Cyprus legal system is mainly based upon the British legal system, which is essentially common law with civil law modifications. ... [read more]
The healthcare in Cyprus is extremely efficient and available to all EU residents. First Aid exists in all Government hospitals and attendance to them is without any charge for both locals and foreigners. There is a regional hospital about 6 kilometres away from Psematismenos Village (Santa Marina Villas) and less than that from Oroklini Village (Sun Sea Quality Homes). Those wishing to consult medical experts privately will find a wide choice of competent doctors, specialists and surgeons practicing on the island most of whom are qualified in the UK, USA or Europe. The minimum charge for a private consultation is approximately Eur 26.The standard of medical treatmen... [read more]
Greek is the main language. However, over 90% of the population speak English. Most shop, restaurant menus and road traffic signs are in English thus making it easy for non Cypriots to live on the island with no problem whatsoever. Other languages like German, French, Italian and Russian are widely spoken. ... [read more]
Nursery, junior and secondary English speaking schools are available. Tertiary education is provided at the University of Cyprus, as well as at a number of private English language colleges that offer accredited undergraduate courses in various fields such as business studies, marketing, economics, and computer studies. ... [read more]
As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus is successfully meeting the challenge of being part of the enlarged European family. The island's economy is characterised by robustness and macroeconomic stability, which is evidenced by the favourable evaluations and comments of the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and other international organisations. During the period 2000-2005, real GDP grew by an average of 3.6% per annum, which compares favourably with the EU average. This was accomplished in an environment of full employment conditions, low inflation and a stable and strong currency. In 2005 Cyprus's per capita GDP reached about 83% of... [read more]